Going Bush

Hello and welcome to my first blog post, ever. I thought I'd start a blog to share a few photos and interesting (hopefully) stuff that fellow bird lovers may be interested in. This first post is about my recent trip to one of my favourite bird sanctuaries, Bushy Park, located 20km outside of Wanganui, (North Island of New Zealand). Bushy Park is an amazing place, full to the brim of native NZ birds. You only need to walk metres from the driveway to see Saddlebacks, Stitchbirds, Robins, Tui, Kereru and Tomtits amongst others.

Image I took this Kereru photo only metres from the bunkhouse where we stayed.

Image Robins are probably the friendliest of our native birds. They're not shy or afraid to get up close and personal with you and don't seem to mind posing for a photo or two.

Image Tomtits are pretty hard to spot, they're tiny, quiet little birds, so I was really excited to come across this little guy hanging out by the bunkhouse.

Image Stunning native bush in one of the lower tracks.

Image Me next to the old Kiwi creche.

So that's my first blog post. Short and sweet. I am hoping to visit more bird sanctuaries soon and post lots more photos.

Thanks for reading! Melissa.