New Wrapping Paper

Image I've been working on this wrapping paper for so long, it's so great to finally have it in my hands! I created these designs using abstract painterly blobs, paint texture and ofcourse had to put birds on there so I overlaid my flying birds pattern over top.

I printed 3 different colour ways, my favourite colours: yellow, grey and pink. I thought I'd show a little bit of the process, in my day job I work at a printing firm so I see this stuff everyday, but it's definitely a thrill having my own designs printed on the big press.

Here are a few shots I took of the process (these were taken on my phone so aren't the best quality)


I've listed the first 2 colours in my Etsy shop already here. Also I've just joined Instagram (better late than never) so if you want to follow me you can easily find me @thepaperbirdsociety I'd love to find some more fun people to follow!

I've been working on some new prints which I'm really excited about! Some photos coming soon....