100 days project wrap up

The 100 days project that I took part in is well and truly over. The project was a huge learning curve for me, I didn't intend to make it entirely bird themed at the beginning, my intention was to create 100 abstract patterns. But there are so may talented pattern and surface designers at the moment that create really inspirational abstract pattern-making, so I wanted to do something a little different. Ofcourse birds are my inspiration for everything so I decided to make my entire project of patterns filled to the brim with birds. Throughout the project I tried to branch out from my usual colours, (well, my usual colours are black and white) but tried to mix the colours up a little. I tried adding branches and other elements to add context to the patterns and also decided to focus on native birds, which of course are close to my heart and my true inspiration.

In the middle of winter it was hard to find the motivation to get off the couch and go to my cold studio to scan in my drawings, so I started to create some patterns on the laptop in the warmth of the lounge. I felt like I was cheating by not hand-drawing everything, but I actually found it to be quite beneficial using the computer because I started to get an understanding of how to create seamless patterns. After all, I was setting my own brief and when I realised that I could potentially use these patterns for real life applications it would help to have them in digital format.

At the conclusion of the project I feel like I would love to continue to explore pattern making and surface design. If I were to use the patterns for anything I would like to re-draw them, as some have some potential to become something special but unfortunately were a bit rushed at the time.

The project ended on the 18th of October with an exhibition of the Wellingtonian 100 dayers at Re:Space gallery on Victoria Street. The gallery owner decided to display my project (printed out onto postcard size card) on a couple of lovely wooden benches. Most other projects were hung on the wall and looked really amazing, but it was nice to have a kind of interactive display and something people can get close to.

Anyway that's enough words for now, here are some pictures of my favourite patterns created for the project. And at the end a photo of me kneeling next to my project. If you want to view the entire project you can here:



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patterns for blog me-with-exhibition