Bird Central

I was lucky enough to go to Zealandia two weekends in a row, so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and spent about 6 hours walking around snapping photos of the birds. The gates open earlier for members so I got there just after 8 to make the most of the peace and quiet before the rest of the public arrive. There are so many young bird families around at the moment, it's such a privilege to watch the parent birds teaching the young ones to fly and where to find food. Often I spend time observing the birds and just enjoying watching them knowing they are in a safe environment. The only problem I have at Zealandia is the people that go there solely to exercise! People can run anywhere, but this is the only place in Wellington that birds can live and survive without predators. I'm sure it's nice to breathe the fresh air, but I wish people would respect the wildlife more and not scare the birds away with their thumping footsteps. I don't usually complain on this blog but if I can't voice my opinion here, then I can't anywhere.

Anyway back to the fun stuff... I am loving my new camera, if you're interested it's the new Canon 7D Mark II. It's miles better than my old camera and I am getting so much better photographs than I could ever have got with my old camera. I took over 1,300 photos yesterday so editing them down took me a while. Here are my best of the day...

baby warbler bellbird duckies 2 duckies fantail 1 fantail 3 fantail 4 flying swallow kaka 01 kakariki pair of robins robin 01 robin 02 robin 03 takahe whitehead 2 whitehead 3 whitehead