Makara Beach

It's my last day of holiday today <insert sad face here> so I thought I'd drag my boyfriend out for a walk at Maraka Beach, 20 minutes out of Wellington. It wasn't as peaceful as I'd imagined, I was a bit delusional thinking there wouldn't be many people there, but there were lots. I get a bit of social anxiety so as soon as I see there are lots of people I just want to turn around and go home but I thought we'd go for a wander since we'd gone all that way.

It was actually really sunny and warm but there was a strange sea fog that was rolling in, much to my delight as I am a sucker for a misty photo opportunity. The soft colours were a nice contrast against the harsh rocky coastline.

I knew there was an Estuary next to the beach but I didn't know much about what birds reside there so I was glad to see some Variable Oystercatchers on the beach. I took a few photos of them in flight - most were blurry but got one reasonably in focus.

There were also ALOT of Paradise Shelducks (a duck endemic to NZ) which I was really surprised at because I thought they were extremely territorial birds. I didn't get the best photos because they were so far away but I'm sharing this photo just to show what I'm going on about.

I am thinking about doing some kind of 'make art everyday' project this year as I really want to build a bigger variety of prints in my Etsy shop. I've been really focused on patterns this summer and think I need a break from pattern-ing and to do some one-offs. Watch this space.

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