Making Progress

I’ve been slowly making progress on my ‘Bird in Hand’ series of prints. My progress has been hampered by a few things, 1: my perfectionism, and 2: having to be on a jury for jury service, it was such a stressful week for me, and so creatively draining! Something I don’t wish to have to do again! 

I have been watching a few online tutorials about being a creative professional lately and today I watched a couple of the ’30 days of Genius’ classes, which are an amazing free resource provided by The main point I took in from todays classes were that I need to slow down and not beat myself up about things. I am always in a rush to do everything at once I often get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. My to-do list is always massive and I seem to never get anywhere. I’m sure this is a problem a lot of people have, but I’m struggling with all the things I want to do vs the time I have to do everything in.

So I decided to be nicer to myself and set myself a goal date, at the moment I’m thinking the 1st of June is a good time, it’s the beginning of the second half of the year and the beginning of my favourite season, winter! I want to do a massive shop update on June the 1st (Etsy shop and also my own website shop), retire old items that I am no longer passionate about, and reintroduce a whole lot of new items that reflect my current passions and obsessions.

I have a whole list of things I need to do in preparation, I want the second half of the year to be about being organised, not stressing about everything and also to create more in general!

That’s enough rambling for now, finally here are some photos of test prints for this new series that I’ve been talking about for so long :-)