2018 Calendars! Part 3 of 3

Last but not least..... It's about time to wrap up introducing my calendars as they've been 'revealed' for a while now. So this last calendar is the same imagery as the larger black and white calendar, but on a smaller more portable (and post-able) scale. This particular calendar is made with the same principal as the colour A4 one, to offer a calendar that can be shipped worldwide for $4 and is a nice alternative if you don't have the space for a larger one, or just don't want a wooden hanger!

I hope to have more new things to share soon, including some exciting ceramic ventures. Pottery has been on my mind all year and I've spend a lot of my time researching and trialling ways to get my birds onto clay. I've finally found some methods that suit my style and way of working and I'm suuuuuper excited to start making ceramic pieces for real. 

Anyway here are the images of the Black and White A4 calendar!

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