I'm excited to announce I have opened a Spoonflower shop! I worked hard on making a cohesive collection of 30 patterns - mostly featuring birds but also some nice abstract co-ordinates. I actually really love abstract patterns - I love exploring shapes, composition and colour while including inspiration or reference to some aspect of nature.

Here are some photos of the sample swatches I received. From these samples I made a few minor tweaks, scale and colour adjustments but I was otherwise really happy with how they turned out. I actually ordered some patterned fabric from Spoonflower a few years ago and made cushions out of it, I'm happy to say that the fabric has really held up well, the colours are still vibrant and they still look like new. I really love that Spoonflower uses environmentally friendly fabrics and inks in their production, I am so environmentally conscious that I actually wouldn't use them if if they used anything different.

The link to my shop is below or you can click on the photo at the top of this post!