Winter woes

3 weeks ago my darling kitty cat broke her leg in the middle of the night. It was horrible, she was in so much pain and we rushed her to the emergency vet, they were too busy to X-ray her so we took her back home to wait till morning. A stressful and sleepless night later I dropped her into her usual vet and waited for them to call me back. I was pretty sure they would tell us to put her down (she is 17 years old) and was distraught all day, but I received a phone call from the main vet who said yes she's broken her leg but breaks can heal so keep her on cage rest for 6-8 weeks and she may come right. Needless to say I was happy the break wasn't a death sentence, but later that night I received a phone call from a different vet to say that I should consider putting her down. This was really upsetting because I was prepared to take the vets advice on what was best for kitty and to have conflicting opinions was distressing. I'm pleased to say that the main vet persuaded me to give kitty a chance and so far she's doing really well. She actually likes her cage and doesn't want to leave most days. She's had days lying in the sun and has been enjoying having food being hand delivered to her face every day. It's so nice having my furry friend around for a little while longer, and I'm grateful to the vets for taking care of her.

Understandably she's been taking up quite a bit of my time and attention so I'm running behind on designing my calendars. Also I can't really leave her alone for very long so I haven't been getting out of the house much, except for my morning walks. I can't wait to go birdwatching again but will wait until she's a bit better.

I thought I'd share a tiny peek of one of my calendar pages. I'm not sure which month this'll be yet, I've got a lot of time to make up!

p.s. this is my broken leg kitty enjoying the sun. Yup she's got a shaved tail from her day in the vet!