2018 Calendars! Part 1 of 3

It's officially time to introduce the first of my calendars for 2018!

I have been working away on these for several months now, it really takes me a long time to put them together. Usually every year I do 2 different designs on wooden hangers, but instead this year I decided to only do one kind, and focus on quality over quantity! Also only doing one kind meant that I could get it printed with beautiful matte inks, instead of nasty plastic toner, which lots of calendars are printed with. Side note: I have been working on adding more habitat to my illustrations (my dad always lectures me that I need more scenery with my birds) and having the bold black background meant it was the perfect opportunity to draw lots of foliage, surroundings and add lots of detail.

So here are the products photos, if anyone has a shop that would like to stock these please get in touch! These are available in the shop section of my website already! Direct link here.