So how are my calendars coming along? Well, it's a long story. This year I'm doing 2 calendars, one colour (featuring most of the birds of NZ) and one black and white, which will be more design-y and for people who want a nice calendar but not necessarily a bird calendar.

I thought illustrating all the birds of NZ would be a fun project that I could take my time with, but I'm feeling like the days are ticking by so fast and I've got so many birds to go! I've been chipping away at illustrating the birds and felt like I was getting nowhere so I laid all the birds out together to prove to myself that I have in fact made progress and to give me some motivation to keep going.

calendar progress web size.jpg

So here's what I've done so far, it looks like a lot but I want my calendars to be super cool and feature a huge variety of birds, I'm not sure what they're going to look like, whether I want realistic scenes, or more pattern like flat illustrations. I'll come to that later. For now it's back to illustrating!