Bushy New Year

Oops it’s been ages since I wrote a blog post again. I do have an excuse though, the end of last year was absolutely hectic! I signed up to do so many markets and was rushed off my feet with markets, online orders and keeping shops stocked up. So it was nice to have a little breather over Christmas and slow down a little in the new year. My next market is Martinborough Fair on the 2nd of February then after that I’m free to focus on non-market related things like making pottery (I can’t wait).

I started this year with a massive tidy-up of my studio. At the end of last year it was pretty disastrous, and I could barely move in there. It feels good to start fresh in a tidy space to work in, and inevitably make more mess in! In bird related news, I left Wellington for the first time in a year and ventured to Bushy Park, Wanganui to spend the first day of 2019 amongst the birds. Here are some photos from the trip to start my blog on a birdie note for the new year!