South Island Trip Part 9 - Albatross Encounter

One part of my South Island trip that I was really looking forward to was a pelagic trip with Albatross Encounter Kaikoura. I have only been on a couple of pelagic trips before and I’d heard that the trips in Kaikoura are one of the best! The day didn’t disappoint, we headed off at 9am and got driven by van to the boat, it was a calm day on the ocean luckily so we headed out into the sea. Almost straight away a Giant Petrel started following the boat and soon after, some Cape Petrels. We stopped to put out some delicious fish guts to attract some albatross and thanks to their sense of smell they turned up pretty quickly! I took so many photos on the day so I’ve sorted them by bird, here are some of my favourite Cape Petrels… There’s plenty more to come!