A few new things

My last dozen blogs have been photos from my South Island holiday, so it’s about time I talk about something creative! I have a few new items in my shop that are a really fun addition to my stationery, I have a new Fantail Fan Club design on tote bags and two new embroidered patches!

I have wanted to design embroidered patches for ages now but for a while they were a ‘fad’ and I don’t tend to follow fads, so I refrained from being ‘just another person making patches.’ Fads to me are not environmentally friendly, they only last a short time and lead to impulse purchases which usually aren’t the best choices. I am considerate of everything I purchase, and only choose things that I know are going to last a long time and bring joy to my life, and I like to think my customers think the same way. So with that in mind I sourced a local maker of embroidered patches and I designed two patches that I hope people will love. My patches are more pricey than the cheaper mass-produced made-in-china patches that are in all the shops at the moment. But I hope people will see the value and recognise that being made locally means they cost a little more.

Since I had a new design for my patches I decided to print it on some new tote bags too, I got them printed locally here in Wellington, and they look pretty awesome. They are screen-printed with water based inks on ethically made 100% cotton canvas bags, and are available now and ready to ship.

That’s all for now. I have so many exciting things coming up in the next couple of months, including my calendars and some other things that I’m very excited about! Watch this space!