Eco-friendly 2014 Calendars

Introducing.... Some pretty darn cool (in my opinion anyway) eco-friendly 2014 calendars. Image

Image I've been working on these calendars for months and months now, and they're finally ready! I set myself a mission to create the most eco-friendly calendars I possibly could, because I really don't like the idea of a bunch of wire hangers (and packaging) ending up in a landfill at the end of the year. I knew what I was trying to achieve but I didn't know if the materials existed, but alas they did! In a nutshell the hangers are basically a piece of wood with a wooden pin in the back so the pages of the calendars rest on the pin, and simply lift off when a new month arrives and it's time to turn to the next page.

Image What makes the calendars even more special is that they're cut into shapes, no boring square corners here! The Patterns calendar is cut on 2 different angles, alternating months, so when the calendar is hung together it creates a bunting shape. The Robins calendar is cut into a flag like shape, and features cheeky robins peeking out from the edges of the pages. I even have a Robins wall calendar which is mounted differently, it's just one page which is secured between 2 pieces of dowelling. You can click on the links to view the calendars in more detail and suss out their eco-credentials.

Image And I'm not even done yet, I'm still working in a little Letterpress printed mini calendar which will be ready really soon. I'm really hoping everyone else likes my calendars as much as I do, I'm so happy with how they've turned out, and so proud that I have created them with minimum impact on the environment too!