New New New Bright Bright Bright!

Ok, so I'm not entirely sure why (maybe it's the spring weather) but lately I can't get enough of fluro/neon and bright colours. I bought a little tub of fluorescent screen-printing ink to try on some bags, and they turned out super bright, ever since that I've been working on creating a range of bright new products. Image

I've now got a range of 6 different colourful pattern notebooks on the way, I've been busy editing photos so I can list them online - the first of which is here:


I also got my hands on some fluro printing ink and have been experimenting with fluro letterpress prints...Image


The blue fluro didn't turn out as bright as the others but I really like the kind of galactic effect it has. I'm hoping to have some fluro cushions available before christmas and some more designs of fluro letterpress prints!

So much fluro, not enough time!