Pukaha Mt Bruce

SONY DSCIt's worth the drive to Mt Bruce just to see this rare and beautiful bird. She's simply stunning, she was hand raised so is really friendly, and even scampers along the ground to greet visitors at the fence of her aviary. I usually find it sad seeing birds in enclosures but she was a rescue bird and is a spokes-bird to raise awareness of how wonderful Kokako are.

SONY DSCMt Bruce has a Kiwi house where you can see the Manukura, the famous white kiwi, and her future husband Turua, who is a brown Kiwi. They're of course nocturnal birds so no photos here sorry. The funniest attraction is at 3pm, the Kaka feeding. If you get there before 3 you will find all the Kaka eagerly awaiting their daily feeding. They then gobble down cheese, corn and dates amongst other things.


The walk to the lookout is a 2 hour look walk, the views are amazing from up there, definitely worth the hike!



This little swallow was floating around the main entrance. I couldn't resist watching it for a while and trying to get a photo of it flying.