2015 Calendar Ideas

robin drawing Hello! This is just a quick post to share what I've been working on lately. I've well and truly begun working on my 2015 calendars, I have so many ideas floating around in my head, It's just a matter of getting them on paper. I've been trying out new techniques to draw the Robins that make up the imagery in my Robin calendar, I'm planning a re-vamped version this year with bigger and better drawings.

Another idea I want to explore is a calendar filled with flying birds, I'm going to be doing my wooden hangers again this time so I want to keep the designs pretty simple. I've been trawling through my bird photos finding any of flying birds to try and recreate the shapes and patterns they naturally form when in flight.

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I'm still exploring patterns and am thinking about possibly incorporating repeated patterns into one design somehow. I drew a little flying Tui silhouette and would like to use this image somewhere.

flying tuis2

I'm pretty excited about my calendars this year, I want to be more organised with my packaging and get more of a head start making the wooden hangers, last year I wasn't expecting to have so much success with them and if my 2015 calendars are anywhere near as popular as my 2014 calendars were I'll be happy.

flying swallows pattern