Spring is in the Air

I'm feeling pretty lucky that we have had such a nice start to spring, if you know Wellington, you'll know that the term 'no wind' in a weather forecast doesn't happen very often, so since the last two weekends have been fine with little wind I have managed to sneak in two trips to my favourite bird sanctuary, Zealandia. I thought I'd share some photos I've taken from the past 2 weekends, although my camera is getting quite old and the battery is slowly getting less and less reliable. I'm hoping to make an upgrade soon so I can start taking better, sharper and more photos!

Kakariki at Zealandia

A beautiful Kakariki hanging out by the Kaka feeders.

Kaka at Zealandia

The Kaka like to show the way.Robin at Zealandia Robin at Zealandia Robin at Zealandia

Just a few of the Robin that I came across, these are my absolute favourite birds, so cheeky and always friendly.

Saddlebacl at Zealandia

A shy saddleback foraging on the forest floor.Landscape of Zealandia Landscape of Zealandia

Just a glimpse of the lovely scenery at Zealandia.

Tuatara At Zealandia

A Tuatara enjoying the sunshine, normally not seen outside of their usual spots, it was really exciting to see one up close.

Baby Mallard ducks at Zealandia

Ofcourse since it's spring there are plenty of babies around, and these cute little Mallard ducks were too fluffy to resist taking some photos of. I love how they bunch themselves up together.Northladn TunnelThis is the Northland tunnel, which I walk through on my way home from the sanctuary, I just love how it's so overgrown and moody looking, I've been meaning to take a photo of it for so long, and finally did!

The 100 days project that I've been taking part in is coming to a close, there will be an exhibition at re.SPACE gallery (Victoria St, Wellington) this coming weekend starting on Saturday the 18th at 6pm. I'll write a blog post to wrap it up, and will include some photos of the exhibition. It's hard to believe the 100 days are almost over and I've created 97 bird patterns so far. It's definitely something I want to keep doing, but probably not every single day!