Bushy Park

It's a long weekend here in New Zealand so I thought I'd make the most of having 3 days off work and take a little road trip 20kms north of Wanganui to the haven known as Bushy Park. It was a lovely sunny day again so perfect conditions for a bit of bird watching, and the birds definitely were out to be watched. The forest was alive with the sounds of Grey Warblers (tiny bird with a huge song), Shining Cuckoos and the piercing laughter-like call of the Saddlebacks. They have a relatively recent addition of Stitchbirds, which have really made themselves at home and can be heard throughout the sanctuary.

Here are a few photos from my adventures today. I definitely want to upgrade my camera soon, my camera is pretty slow these days and I missed out on so many photo opportunities, but in saying that I did get a decent photo of a Tomtit which is something that I always hope (but don't expect) to get.

By the end of this long weekend I'm going to have some new art prints in my shop - I'm pretty excited to be releasing these as I have had a few people ask if I'm going to be doing art prints of the birds that feature in my calendars, and soon I'll be able to say yes! In the meantime here are my best photos of the day :-)




robin-1 kingfisherscolourful-treesmoore-track shack