Fun things!

One thing I’ve realised this year is that I love making fun little things. My latest little project is stickers! Stickers are one of those things that I’ve always wanted to make but never seemed to get around to it.

I printed a few sticker sheets of birds and had ambitions to hand cut them and pop them into online orders just for fun. But I thought I might as well package some up for my Otari Pop Up Market, and they sold out! I quickly realised if I continued hand cutting them I would get very sore hands. After a lot of research I’ve finally figured out how to make them and get them pre-cut so I can pop them in packaging and sell them as packs of NZ Bird Stickers! They’ll be sold in packs of 10 and 5, and I decided on some themes - ‘Birds of Zealandia’ - so I can sell them in the Zealandia Store - ‘Favourite NZ Birds’ and also ‘Rare Birds of NZ’.

I can’t wait to get these stickers out into the world. I’ll be posting all about them soon!

1V8A5457 stickers.jpg