NZ Bird Patterns

This blog post is going to be all about my black and white calendars! Every year I change the theme of my calendars and this year is a subtle throwback to my first ever calendar which was' ‘bird inspired patterns’. My b&w calendars aren’t quite as popular as my coloured ones, but they are still very well received, I think some people appreciate a simple monochrome calendar that won’t clash with their decor.

I based half the illustrations on white birds, so they could be on a black background, and the other half black birds to be on a light grey background. I decided on patterns because I love creating patterns and thought it’d make a fun compositional element. As usual I added some rare birds, like the Black Robins and Saddlebacks as well as some crowd pleasers like tui! These calendars are available in A4 & A3 bound with paper and twine, and also on a wooden hanger. This is my 7th year making calendars on wooden hangers, I can’t quite believe that!

Here are the images of my calendars… I hope you like them!